July 2015   
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Who’s touting our new service to Louisiana? Oh, just a little publication called The Wall Street Journal.

LSO now offers fast, affordable shipping to, from and within Louisiana

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A smile from a customer is worth a million industry accolades.

Here at LSO, happy words from satisfied customers don’t just make us smile. They remind us why we chose our line of work. Here are a few lines from happy customers that make us even happier.

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Okay, this is news, Y’all.

LSO has acquired Express Courier International to create a Super-Regional shipping solution from Texas to the Carolinas.

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Avoid these common shipping mistakes and save a shipload.

From incorrect addresses to improper packaging, small missteps result in big expenses.

Shippers who avoid these common pitfalls stand to save time, headaches, and serious shipping costs.

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Geaux with LSO & We'll Bayou a Gift Card.

We’d like to make you a special start-up offer. Ship 10 packages with us to/from or within Louisiana for the first time by July 30th and we’ll give you a $50 Visa Gift Card.

It’s our way of saying Thank You for trusting LSO for your parcel delivery needs.

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LSO Folks are what make LSO.

Meet Carolyn LaRoe, LSO Account Manager from Yorkville, Tennessee. Carolyn personally handles some of the largest customers in the central Texas region.



LOL from LSO

At LSO, we don’t just know how to deliver a package. We also deliver a punchline with the best of ‘em. We hope you get a chortle, guffaw, or giggle out of the following.

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