Oct - Nov 2014   
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Steamed about the national carriers’new dimensional pricing?
Don't get mad, get proactive!

By now you've heard what everyone in shipping is talking about: New FedEx and UPS expanded dimensional rating programs about to take effect. The general consensus indicates that most companies (particularly B-to-C shippers) are bracing themselves for freight bills that range from higher to much higher. Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to totally avoid the higher shipping costs resulting from these dimensional rating programs. However, you can start taking steps now to help minimize the impact.

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Still fantasizing about doing all your small parcel shipping with just a few clicks?

Then wake up and smell the Omniship(SM) - a custom-tailored solution just for you that integrates with both global and regional carriers, all right from your desktop. Watch all of your convenient shipping fantasies become reality with this Omniship video.

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First, we took Social Studies. Then we attended social functions. Now we're into social media.

At LSO, we’re always learning. Even if that means learning from our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, and talk radio about social media. In keeping with current trends, we invite you to keep up with LSO latest news, customer feedback, and some old old stories via Facebook, Twitter, and whatever comes next. Being in the business for 23 years, we have many a funny tale to share with our extended family. Come on! Pal around with us in online social forums!

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Psst. Yeah, you. Wanna save on your next LSO invoice? Blink twice if the answer’s yes.

Why am I whispering? Cuz we gotta keep this on the down low. Here’s the deal: LSO’s improved Customer Referral Program. For every new customer you recommend, you get a Referral Bonus credited to your invoice based on how many packages they ship with LSO, up to the entire amount of an invoice.* The more they ship, the bigger your credits. Simple as that. And you can refer all the companies you want. Hey, you’re a great customer. It’s a little sumthin’ in return.

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LSO is just what the doctor ordered for VES

Veterans Evaluation Services - VES - Houston, Texas
Their mission: To honor and serve America’s Veterans and Active-Duty Claimants by providing quality and timely reports through fair and objective evaluations performed by trained professionals in a respectful and hospitable environment.

Unpredictable, unreliable service, and unreachable account people. 

Superior service.
LSO’s trademark personalized service. Quick response times and a helpful Account Management team, with a heaping helping of smiles on the side.

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LSO Folks are what make LSO.

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for LSO Account Manager Casey Potts!

(Hey, his customers sure do.)


LOL from LSO.

Now here’s the featured limerick for the month. Submit your shipping-related limerick ideas to: info@lso.com

A guy had a parcel for shippin’
He didn’t want profits to start slippin’
He saw the globals’ DIM rates
Which made him irate
And said “Wow, these guys must be trippin’.

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