March 2015   
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New Dimensional Weight Pricing: A rate hike on steroids!

Along with a new year comes a new way of pricing parcels—the new Dimensional pricing standard. Are you prepared for this staggering rate increase?

The two largest parcel delivery companies have both switched to DIM pricing for all ground parcels beginning in 2015. For the first time, you’ll be charged for the size of all your packages, not just the weight.

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Getting your package delivered in one piece: That calls for a High 5.

These 5 steps are high on the list for ensuring that your package gets delivered securely.

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Ship and ye shall receive with LSO Package Points™.

Every time you ship with LSO, you earn points redeemable for great rewards.

Ever heard of the Global Shipping Giants offering that? Didn’t think so. As you rack up LSO Package Points, they’re automatically added to your account and you’ll see ‘em on your monthly points statement.


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Howdy Partners: We’re proud to introduce you to our newest LSO Multi-Carrier Technology Solutions Partners

Do you ship large parcel volumes with one or even several carriers and are looking for a simpler way to do that using a technology enabled multi-carrier shipping system?

Or perhaps you have a complex service and cost requirement that needs more than can be had by just using a single, one size fits all global carrier. If so, LSO is feeling your pain.

We are now working with several technology solution providers and delivering more value to customers in our service area who are looking for other options and additional flexibility, responsiveness and competitive advantage in their shipping.  If this sounds like you, we’ve got some great news and are delighted to welcome additional top flight shipping solution technology partners to the LSO family

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LSO cares for Shield so Shield can care for customers!

Shield HealthCare 
Their mission: Shield HealthCare is a service organization dedicated to fulfilling the medical supply needs of consumers and the caregiving community with a focus on customer satisfaction

Needed a reliable shipping solution to ensure that vital medical supplies arrive at customer’s homes like clockwork. 

Superior service.
A regional-based solution to meet or exceed customers’ highest expectations, at a great value over the two national carriers.


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LSO Folks are what make LSO.

Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Aaron Grodman. (By “give it up,” we do not mean give up shipping speed, reliability or affordability. Uh uh. No way. Aaron’s got your back.)



LOL from LSO

At LSO, we take our work very seriously. But not ourselves. Here’s a bit of sheer goofiness we hope you’ll enjoy. Hey, our company credo is “It’s all in the delivery.” That includes our jokes.


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